It seems that the BBC will be allowed by its Trust to proceed with plans for project Canvas, although strong opposition and possible legal challenges can still be expected from pay-television operators. If finally approved, it will be a brave decision from the BBC Trust, which under the next government will continue to face questions about how independent it can be from the organisation it governs. It could also come into conflict with the national communications regulator Ofcom, which has previously expressed concerns about the project, once again raising the issue of how the BBC is regulated and run. The significance of a new platform that combines broadcast and broadband services cannot be overstated. It could attract the attention of competition authorities and the European Commission. I suspect that this story will continue to run and run. This will be the last newsletter of this year and indeed the decade, but we’ll be back next month with more news from the converging worlds of broadcast and broadband. Until then I wish you the very best for the holiday period and a happy and hopefully prosperous new year.