The idea of checking into programmes has come from the United States to the United Kingdom in a cross-promotional partnership between GetGlue and Channel 4. GetGlue allows users to “check in” to shows, receive recommendations and earn discounts and rewards, including stickers that are subsequently sent to them in the mail, or a chance to win a promotional giveaway. It is the modern equivalent of getting a Blue Peter badge. With 1.3 million users in America, many of them apparently adults, the company has so far raised $12 million in funding. GetGlue is leading a raft of social television services that have sprung up, each attempting to become the Foursquare, Facebook or Twitter of entertainment media. It’s not yet clear whether such social television applications will become a passing fad, emerge into the mainstream like Facebook or Twitter, upon which they are partly dependent for their success, or simply be subsumed by them.