Last week we covered the proposed merger of TDC and the MTG Nordic group. TDC then reported an indicative approach from a consortium of investors including Macquarie Infrastructure, which TDC rejected. We now hear that the TDC board would withdraw its recommendation of the MTG deal if TDC receives an offer.

The television audience for the Super Bowl was the lowest since 2010, at 103.4 million, although with online and out of home viewing, Nielsen now reports an estimated total average audience of 115.6 million. The Winter Olympics opening ceremony in PyeongChang reached an average audience of 27.8 million for NBC, with another 450,000 streaming, although out of home viewing is yet to be reported. That is down from 31.7 for Sochi in 2014, but is nevertheless remarkable. This week we look at the apparent decline in television viewing hours in the United Kingdom, although at an average of over three and half hours a day in January it is still a significant cultural phenomenon.