As someone who at the BBC was closely involved in the launch of online and interactive television services and indeed the Freeview platform, having spent the last five years consulting on the convergence of broadband and broadcast, I should be excited by the proposals of the BBC Canvas project. Why then have I heard so many concerns from many people who have also been working in this field for many years? The published proposals are technically vague. The lack of clarity is confusing and the lack of transparency is troubling. The ambition is admirable but the approach is liable to lead to the same level of regulatory attention and objection that killed the Kangaroo project. One must wonder why this initiative has so far not been open to the level of independent input and peer review from stakeholders across the value chain that is normally necessary for establishing sound technical standards and specifications. If you have any questions or concerns about Canvas please feel free to get in touch. I look forward to hearing your views.