This edition of the informitv update comes from Melbourne, where the weather is wonderful for the Australia Day holiday. Last week I met with some of the major networks and communications companies in Sydney. The main news is of a bid led by the Murdoch and Packer sons to buy Consolidated Media Holdings, which owns stakes in Foxtel and Channel Nine. After many years, high definition is also making an impression, as demonstrated by the excellent coverage of the Australian Open from the Seven Network. Broadband speeds remain relatively low. Telstra is the main broadband service provider, as well as having an interest in satellite and cable networks. The incumbent telco is still in debate with the regulator over plans to build out a fast fibre network, but there could be a breakthrough with the new Labour government. It seems that Australia could benefit in many ways from the European digital experience, while there is also much that may be learnt from the unique dynamics of this market.